Who we are

We are a venture-funded startup. We raised our Series Seed in 2020 and plan our Series A for Q3 2023. You can email us if you want to know more.

We have invented a breakthrough technology. For the first time, an automated model can find communities of people and do it accurately enough to satisfy insiders.

Our vision extends far beyond creating the website – hive.one.

What we are building

We are building the reputation layer for the internet.

It is increasingly difficult to tell who you can trust. Social media has enabled us to grow the size of groups we communicate with from several hundred to tens of thousands of people. But our ability to keep track of their reputation hasn't changed – this makes us easy to manipulate. Some argue that arbiters of truth are now necessary. We disagree.

Our solution is to quantify reputation, which will make it both scalable and transferable.

Reputation becoming scalable and transferable means that you can regain control. First, by keeping track of the reputation of others at scale. Second, by using the reputation you've built up in one community or system in another.


We envision the future where you can move with your reputation between social media platforms, metaverse, messengers, and all kinds of other applications. But we don’t stop there. Internet reputation will eat offline reputation – e.g., university degrees, impact scores, and so on.

We will index the social graph like Google indexed the web. And we will make this index open & permission-less so that anyone can build on it.

How hive.one fits in

The comparison with Google is helpful in understanding the relationship between our technology and hive.one.

Google – the company, invented a reputation algorithm that enabled them to quantify the reputation of websites. They used it to create Google – the search engine. The search engine was not just a product built using their technology – it was an inherent part of it.

Every time you use Google, you help them improve their model. The better the model, the more people use it.


Hive.one is to us what the search engine was to Google.

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