We are working on addressing the following problems:

  1. It is difficult to decide who and what information you need to pay attention to
  2. It is difficult to decide who and what information you can trust

We do NOT tell you who to listen to and what to trust. Instead, we map various groups and show you who are their members, who they pay attention to and what information they consider credible. We are building tools to help you make your own, informed decisions.


We believe that informal groups can be mapped and described mathematically given enough data. We focus on tracking how attention flows between its members. It's analogous to how Google mapped the web by tracking links between websites.

We follow a simple principle, the larger share of attention you receive from a group, the more influential you are in that group. You can read more about our algorithm here.

Who we are

We are a venture funded startup. We are a small team of mostly engineers and mathematicians. We believe in the importance of privacy and transparency. Our end goal is to decentralize this algorithm. And we are hiring.

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